Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services for adults with neurological conditions.

Centre Based Therapy

5A, 3 Craig St, Burswood.

Our centre has been designed for neurological rehabilitation.

Neuro Logic Physio has individual treatment rooms, a Pilates room and a rehab gym with a wide range of rehab equipment from parallel bars, arm bike, tilt table to a MotoMed with FES.

Home Based Therapy

Neuro Logic Physio can come to you allowing us to address your specific home-based goals and initiate a tailored program that you can complete at any time of day.

We can help you integrate back into your local gym environment, develop a tailored exercise program, and help familiarise you with various equipment you can safely use at the gym.

Aquatic Therapy

We can develop an aquatic exercise program at your local pool specifically targeted to your needs.

Research supports the use of aquatic therapy for clients with neurological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Spinal cord injury.

Allied Health Assistance

Get the most out of your therapy and budget.

Allied Health Assistants work under the supervision of our Physiotherapists. Their job is to help patients who are getting better from diseases and injuries to develop mobility, enhanced physical strength, prevent or lessen physical disability and manage pain.