Our Team

A small specialist team delivering high quality evidence based rehabilitation therapy.

Meet Clare

Director and Principal Physiotherapist

Clare has worked with complex neurological patients across a broad range of clinical settings (public and private), across varying stages of rehabilitation, and is passionate about neurological rehabilitation and achieving the best outcomes for her clients.

Clare is highly skilled in providing physiotherapy for all neurological conditions, such as Stroke, Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, peripheral nerve problems, Multiple Sclerosis, Polio and Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).

She believes that all individuals have the potential to improve, and utilises our nervous system's ability to learn and recover in order to help her clients achieve their specific goals.

As a director, Clare's vision is for Neuro Logic Physiotherapy to be a small specialist service delivering high quality evidence based neurological rehabilitation.

The Team

Our whole team are senior physiotherapists.

All highly skilled and experience in neurological rehabilitation.

Bini Rappeport

Bini loves all things neuro and has worked with a diverse range of neurological conditions. She has gained her experience through work in both the public and private rehabilitation settings.

Bini's is always willing to share her expertise and brings a positive energy to everything she does.

Heidi Boterhoven

Heidi has a special interest in Pilates for neurological rehabilitation, health and overall well-being.

Heidi combines her knowledge of physiotherapy, pilates and yoga to achieve patient centred outcomes. 

Kate Faint

Kate has extensive experience in the management of a wide variety of neurological conditions across the spectrum of the rehabilitation process. 

Kate is passionate about improving people’s quality of life and supporting them to achieve their goals through an individualised, evidence-based treatment program.

Debra Lyon

Deb has a special interest in working with a variety of neurological conditions including spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and stroke. She gained her experience working in both the public rehabilitation setting in Perth and more recently in the community private health sector in Auckland. 

She is passionate about helping clients achieve their individualised goals through a variety of treatment modalities. Deb enjoys making therapy sessions fun and enjoyable for her clients.

Kate - Allied Health Assistant

Kate is an integral member of the Neuro Logic team. Under the guidance of the physiotherapists she helps clients improve their strength, balance and mobility. She is passionate about creating a supportive and welcoming environment in which her clients can achieve their individual physiotherapy goals. 

Ciara - Allied Health Assistant

Ciara is passionate about helping others improve their quality of life through physiotherapy. Working under the direction of the physiotherapist, she delivers strength, conditioning and mobility aim exercises to clients. She enjoys working with clients to create an open, safe, and enjoyable environment for every session.